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Our Volunteer Program

Our volunteer program, established in 2011, is dedicated to bringing about positive change in the communities we serve. Our goal with our new volunteer management system is to capture all of our volunteer opportunities and establish a simple process for engaging volunteers through our website.

With the use of our new system we will be able to encourage volunteerism at all levels by using an intuitive system that makes it easy to define roles, post volunteer positions, track participation and reward engagement.

Our Mentoring Program

Our programs reflect our commitment to your professional development. Leadership and mentoring are lifelong activities. Mentoring is about developing people, with the objective of helping them achieve their potential. True leaders seize the opportunity to develop other people. Leaders see the big picture and understand that the future of the organization or profession depends on today’s growth of tomorrow’s leaders.

The program was excellent. I cannot say enough positive things about my mentor’s commitment to the process and the value I derived from it. This is a very effective method to develop one's practice.

- Hana Bartanova

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