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We have established two separate and distinct mentoring programs. One program is geared towards Students & Interns, and the other program is geared towards Professionals & Retired. 

Our programs reflect our commitment to your professional development. This unique online networking and career development tool helps you find and connect with others. Your mentor or mentee can be right down the street or on the other side of the world. Establish a mentoring relationship today.

Leadership and mentoring are lifelong activities. An essential part of being a leader is to serve as a mentor to fellow professionals. Mentoring is about developing people, with the objective of helping them achieve their potential. True leaders seize the opportunity to develop other people. Leaders see the big picture and understand that the future of the organization or profession depends on today’s growth of tomorrow’s leaders.

Professionals & Retired Program

Students & Interns Program

Mentoring Testimonials

The program was excellent. I cannot say enough positive things about my mentor’s commitment to the process and the value I derived from it. This is a very effective method to develop one's practice.

- Hana Bartanova

You will build lasting relationships and contacts in the business. I feel that I am going into client and prospective client meetings with a better suite of tools to facilitate communication and engagement.

- Cesar Gibbs

This program allowed me to get professional and experienced guidance in a industry that is very difficult to break into. My mentor was very accessible and made the whole process a joy to be a part of.

- Eve Lawless

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